A Palo Alto Limousine

Airport Services.

If you’re coming to a city in which we have locations, perhaps you’d like a limo to pick you up at the airport. Look no further, as we offer affordable limo service for all your rides to and from the airport in several locations.

A Palo Alto Limousine


Anniversaries are special times for you and your significant other to remember the promises you’ve made together. Ride in a limo to your favorite destination for the journey of a lifetime you’ll both never forget!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Bachelor Parties.

Make the night for the groom a memorable one with the last limo ride he’ll take as a single man! His bachelor party will be a moment he’ll cherish forever.

A Palo Alto Limousine

Bachelorette Party.

What girl wouldn’t want a limo for her bachelorette party? It’s a ladies night out, and a wonderful way to celebrate her pending nuptials!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Business Conferences.

For business conferences, you can’t be bothered with driving. You’ve got much more important things to do. Consider utilizing our limo service.

A Palo Alto Limousine

Business Travel.

Travel in style as a businessperson and show everyone that you are a serious working professional…take a limo.

A Palo alto Limosuine


Christmas is a great time to spread cheer, and ride somewhere special in a limo.

A Palo Alto Limousine

City Tours.

Take a tour of the city sights by lining up a ride in a limo, with or without your best friends. Watch the skyline and take a drive through some of the creme de la creme of what the city has to offer.

A Palo Alto Limousine


Attend your favorite concerts in an elegant, high-class manner…rent your limo now!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Corporate Services.

Having an office party? Consider hiring a limo; you probably won’t regret it! Plus, your clients will be pleased.

A Palo Alto Limousine

High School Graduation.

High school graduation is one of those milestones in your life that you only live once with yourself and your friends. Ride to and from your graduation in style by booking a limo!

A Palo Alto Limousine

High School Prom.

Make prom night memorable by hiring one of our limos to pick you up in style! Impress your date and book a limo today.

A Palo Alto Limousine

Holiday Scenic Tours.

During the holidays, scenic tours will take your breath away. Do something different this holiday season and make sure that you go either by yourself or with friends, family, and other loved ones in your very own limo.

A Palo Alto Limousine

Homecoming Dance.

Homecoming is a dance that most teenagers will find an unforgettable experience at the end of their high school careers. Make it special by hiring a limo for everyone involved!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Hotels Limousine Transportation.

Perhaps you want transportation to or from your hotel but you’re not sure what avenue to pursue. Well, look no further! Hire one of our limousines to take you to and fro your hotel accommodations. You’ll be glad you did!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Meet and Greet.

Whether you’re on a campaign or trying to break ground on a new project, meet guests and visitors in style by riding in a limo.

A Palo Alto Limo

New Year’s Eve.

Bring the new year in with a bang, and rent a limo to celebrate the occasion.

A Palo Alto Limousine

Night Clubs–SF Down Town.

Want to see the San Francisco night club scene? Book a limo now and go clubbin’ in style!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Night on the Town.

Go out for a night on the town with some of your best pals and have fun in the privacy of your very own limo. Get in touch today with the limo service and you can make dreams become reality!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Palo Alto Hotel Transport.

To get you to and from your hotel in Palo Alto, consider our limo service. We provide an excellent service and would be glad to have you as our customer!

A Palo Alto Limousine


Want to have a really wild party? Rent a limo and paint the town red.

A Palo Alto Limousine

Personal and Family Limos.

You might want to rent a limo for personal reasons or for a family milestone (weddings, funerals, graduations, etc.). You can share stories, see some great views, and take an enjoyable ride all at once–but best of all, with the people with whom you’re closest.

A Palo Alto Limousine

Point to Point Transportation.

If you need help getting from point A to point B, and just want to ride in style, riding in a limousine is absolutely classy and fantastic. It’s a great option, especially if you don’t want to drive or can’t for whatever reason.

Professional Chauffeurs.

Perhaps you need a professional chauffeur to accommodate yourself and a personal assistant and/or other guests or visitors. Get your private limo today and enjoy a world-class chauffeur’s services.

A Palo Alto Limousine

School Events.

Go to and from school events in style by renting a limo today!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Special Events.

Make that special event truly special by hiring a limo! Why not go out in style with a touch of class?

A Palo Alto Limousine

Sports Events.

Sporting events are the time to cheer on your team, and maybe even have a gathering with some of your friends. Imagine how cool it would be if you decided to rent a limo to celebrate the day’s game–relaxing with your pals in the privacy of your own limousine. It sounds fabulous and is probably even more fun when it really happens!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Valentine’s Day.

Impress that special guy or gal with a limo ride! He or she will truly be impressed.

A Palo Alto Limousine


Make your wedding day special. Decide to take a limo ride to and/or from your home, your ceremony, and your wedding venue. It’s an experience that will be classy and memorable!

A Palo Alto Limousine

Wine Tasting Tours.

You will be the talk of the town at wine tasting tours when you drive up in your personal limo. Everyone will be wondering who you are and will want to know more about you. There’s nothing like being able to gain influence and win over potential friends.